Shame on you, Mr.Minister of Law&Justice!

It is ironic that it is the minister of ‘law & justice’ himself who is in the forefront of misleading the people with selective sketches from the original Indian constitution document to further RSS divisive venomous communal agenda!

Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad was on the Twitter claiming that the original document of Indian Constitution included the sketches of Lord , in an implicit attempt to legitimize RSS communal agenda in the wake of shameful act of bhumi-pujan performed at the site of demolished Babri Masjid!

What he didn’t tell people is that the constitution document contains lot many other sketches as well which represent India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. RSS might want to erase those from India’s history, but the people of India will not let the communal forces do that.

In fact, a phase or scene from India’s national experience, history and cultural past has been depicted at the beginning of each part of the Constitution. The original document is rich with sketches representing India’s diverse cultural past and key historical milestones. Selectively using even those beautiful sketches for spreading one’s divisive venomous agenda is utterly shameful. Shame on you, Mr.Prasad!

– Suresh Kodoor


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