“If we were to rank the performance of 213 countries and territories from worst to best on five broad measures, where coming first is to be the worst, this is how India fares:

Total number of COVID-19 cases: 3
Total number of COVID-19 deaths: 6
Total number of active COVID-19 cases: 3
Total cases per one million population: 99 (i.e. 104 countries do better)
Total deaths per one million population: 98 (i.e. 105 countries do better, including densely populated ones like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Japan and Vietnam)

It is clear from these rankings that Modi’s claim that India is in a “better position than other countries” is specious. As for his boast about having taken the right decisions at the right time, the disastrous effect his poorly planned and executed national lockdown has had on the lives of millions of people, not to speak of the economy and even public health, has been so well documented by experts as to not require repetition.


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