45000 hi-tech classrooms were built in high school and higher secondary areas

.⭕ 11000 smart labs prepared for LP-UP sections.

⭕ 705 crore rupees to raise 141 schools to Centre of Excellence.

⭕ 3 crore rupees each for renovation for 336 schools.

⭕ 1 crore rupees each for renovation for 446 schools

⭕ 2861 crore rupees have been allocated for 138 projects so far.

⭕ 1050 crore rupees have already been spent on that.

Thus, KIFB has made possible the educational facility development revolution that has never happened in the history of Kerala. BJP and Congress are now trying to destroy KIFB which helps to provide the best educational facilities for the children of the common people. Kerala won’t kneel down before that authorities.

കിഫ്‌ബി, മുമ്പും ശേഷവും,സ്കൂൾ, വിദ്യാഭ്യാസം


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